Moving to Peru, Moving People to God
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Welcome to Martinez Missions

The Mission

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We are humbled to be partnering with our Pastor, Wehrner Pancorbo. He comes to us through HeartCry Missionary Society. Pastor Wehrner is a native of Cusco, but for the last 10 years has been a pastor of a church north of Lima. We are currently renting a building for church services and are meeting on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. We are also having weekly mens and ladies Bible study meetings throughout the week. There is a second floor with small, but adequate offices for the pastoral staff. We have also started a printing operation. The goal is to print books and tracts in Spanish from the writings of Jonathan Edwards, Spurgeon, Muller and many others. Throughout the week, either as a church group or the leaders of the church individually, go out into the streets of Cusco to talk with the people about Jesus giving out these tracts. We have had people attend our church as a result of the printing and distribution of these tracts. We are excited to watch our church add new believers.

We are also doing work among the indigenous tribes in the Amazon jungle. We partner with Pastor Scott Dollar, and go into the jungle at least three times a year for 1-2 weeks to teach within the villages. We work with villages on a remote river in the Peruvian Central jungle.  The people are hungry for the Word of God. When we arrive, some walk more than 30 miles through the jungle to hear the word of God.  We are partnering with and helping to support a pastor named Miguel in the Amazon jungle town of Satipo.  We are grateful for this open door to go deep into the Amazon jungle to preach and teach among the indigenous people.

The vision is to bring the saving gospel of Jesus Christ to remote places and to use the Cusco church as the training grounds for future pastors. God willing, we will go into towns and villages throughout Peru to preach the gospel.

It is the vision that the Peruvians, who are able to plant churches far better than us, will be the leaders of the churches and we will be behind the scenes.  Our vision is not to see American churches planted and sustained by Americans. Our vision is to see Peruvians plant churches led by Peruvians with Biblical foundations relying on the grace of God.